Adtech platform is a harmonious combination of advanced technologies and decades of experience. Thanks to the introduction of innovative software solutions, we were able to provide qualitatively new opportunities for organizing the processes of purchasing or selling advertising space with a guarantee of efficiency for all program partners.

The main task of the Adtech platform is not only the organization of a full media placement cycle, but also the precise definition of the advertiser's target audience with the ability to fully control the sales process. As a result, with the Adtech platform, you can easily monitor the effectiveness of advertising companies and receive reports on the expenditure of the advertising budget in real tim

platform for sale and purchase of advertising space

The main advantages of the AdTech platform are:

Qualitatively new opportunities of program advertisement;

The Adtech Platform is a modern business tool to simplify and speed up all operating processes of the publisher. The functionality of the Adtech platform includes advertising management in the most convenient format, as well as real-time monitoring and analytics of sales.

High automation and excellent quality of each media resource;

The Adtech platform is designed to place banner, native and video advertisements with high automation of all the processes of media solutions selling for advertisers.

Rapid monetization of media resources;

In order to ensure a quick sale of media resources, we offer the reasonable price for each display, thereby achieving instant monetization of advertising spaces. Even today, the Adtech platform brings together thousands of sources of demand and supply from around the world and instantly processes every advertising request for fast results.


The Adtech platform is a high-tech tool for holistic marketing, which provides the context for the offering of such products that will fully meet all the requirements of a potential Customer. As a result, the Adtech platform provides a demonstration of the publisher ad only to the interested applicant.


The Adtech platform is a single service with a built-in ad server and supports tools for managing analytical data, as well as income maximization algorithms.

Control of the sales process;

With the Adtech platform, publishers can not only manage their own advertising space and select the best commercial pods, but also customize price ranges. Biforge software solutions provide complete control of the sales process and the profitability of each ad.

The effectiveness of media solutions;

Adtech platform allows you to realize all the media capabilities for displaying advertisements with 100% efficiency for publishers. With the Adtech platform, you can not only customize ads views in the optimal format and size of ads, but also control all income streams, taking into account the outreach of the target audience. As a result, the Adtech platform is a unified tool for simple management and optimization of a mobile advertising agency for publishers.

Accurate determination of the target audience;

The possibilities of the program advertising allow not only to conduct a deep analysis of advertising companies, but also to accurately determine the target audience of potential Customers.

Customizable algorithm;

The Biforge algorithm adapts to the criteria of every demand and completes the KPI with guaranteed high profitability of each investment. Thanks to the CPM model with a fast customizable algorithm, each software partner of the platform can accurately calculate each maximum KPI and get a guaranteed income from each display.

Reach to even larger target audience;

Biforge unique software solutions allow you to offer advertising resources simultaneously to several sources of demand. As a result, with the Biforge platform, not only quick sale of advertising space for banner advertising is provided, but also the effect of competition for potential buyers is achieved. Thus, with Biforge software solutions, it is possible to manage the demand on a single platform and receive guaranteed high incomes from each display.

Ease of use for publishers, advertisers and mobile agencies.

The Adtech platform is as ultimate user-friendly and allows to fully realize the full potential of digital content.

A particularity of the Adtech platform is not only high functionality in use and guaranteed income for program partners, but also complete security of all data. Thanks to the introduction of advanced IT technologies, the Adtech platform harmoniously combines the complete security of advertisers’ data and the high automation of all the processes of buying and selling of media resources.

Why do publishers from around the world choose AdTech?

Adtech innovative platform is an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates all the benefits of digital technology. Through the introduction of advanced technologies, each Biforge software solution provides high-performance of media solutions for all program partners at international level.

Even today, thousands of publishers around the world have joined the Adtech innovation platform.

Biforge is a modern media tool for quick and effective sales of advertising space

Adtech platform offers you the following possibilities:

Global reach to the target audience;

Adtech platform provides access to more than 3000 partners from different countries of the world, as well as to current companies, thus achieving high dynamics of purchasing and selling of media resources.


The functionality of the Adtech platform allows you to organize both text, graphic, animated and adaptive advertising, as well as complex video solutions.

New possibilities for publishers.

Adtech innovative platform provides publishers with not only private marketplaces with full protection of all data, but also the opportunity to participate in RTB auctions to increase the effectiveness of each media solution.

In order to learn more about our software offerings, you just need to contact the managers of Biforge. Biforge qualified experts will answer all your questions and recommend the latest advertising solutions for the rapid development of your business.

Adtech innovative platform is the introduction of advanced technologies for better digital media content.

The future of digital media content with Biforge

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